Furniture Gallery
Whether it's by the type of furniture or the style of furniture, there's a lot of photos to see. This gallery is all new, so do look around.

By Type of Furniture
Casual Seatingour famous Adirondacks and settees. Dining…Dining tables to seat from 4 to 20 along with dining chairs and benches... Benches… an incredible range of backless and formal benches in sizes from 42' to 96"... Stools… stools for inside or out custom fit to your bar or counter... Lounge… Chaise lounges and cushioned deep seating sets... Accessories… side table, coffee tables and storage.

By Design Collection...
Bainbridge... a traditional North East Adirondack inspired design, Alki… with flowing 30’s Modern curves, Wallingford… Craftsman/Stickley with distinct Arts and Crafts bungalow details, Medina… Asian influenced, Greene and Greene inspired with cloud lifts and square plugs, Blacker… the ultimate Greene and Greene influenced design with added subtleties and detailing, Leschi…with elegant and modern details and slots for which Limbert designs are known for.

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